Bye Bye Blogger!

Well, it's been great here on blogger, but I am moving on. Be sure to continue to follow me by going to my NEW BLOG. See you over there!


Gorgeous baby!

I got to spend some time with baby "S" this weekend. She is the first daughter of her very proud parents. They are definitely in love with their beautiful baby girl. Baby "S" is 1/4 Colombian, Venezuelan, and Thai. Her parents speak both Spanish and English to her. It was so special to see her parents interacting with her. Thank you "J" family. Enjoy your sneak peek...


I'm back!

Well, I am officially back from Missouri and it feels great to be back in NC! I had a neat experience living on a military post for the past couple of months. I met some great people and got to see my husband graduate from his basic officer Engineer training. I am looking forward in many upcoming sessions! Also, my new blog is about to debut and I am super excited about it. The images will be so much bigger and the overall look will be professional and polished. I can't wait to share. I am working with my designer, Rachel Busby, on a few more details. It's coming soon....

Abernathy family

While I was in Birmingham this past weekend, I was asked by my friend and fellow photographer Becky of Abernathy Photographics, to photograph her beautiful family. Becky and I both went to Lee University, majored in different things, and started our businesses around the same time. A mutual friend connected us, gave us each other’s e-mail addresses, and we have been in touch since. I have always admired her work and am truly inspired by her. She is my go-to person when I have questions and I often have a lot of them! If you are ever in the Birmingham, AL area, give Becky a call! Here are a few of my favorites from our session…

Walker family

While I was out in Fort Leonard Wood, MO, I met a few girls that I will remember forever. We met at the gym and quickly became friends. Two of us were from NC, one from Georgia, Australia, Germany, etc. It was so wonderful meeting military wives, hearing their stories, and finding a network that I will always have. I have felt so alone transitioning to civilan wife to military wife. Even though my husband is now in the Army Reserves, if he were ever to get deployed or go away for more long term training, I now have some wonderful girls to confide in, who have been there. I also had the wonderful opportunity to photograph my friend Cass, her husband Capt. Jim Walker, and their “kids” Winnie and Chief.

Simpson Wedding

I flew home the last weekend in January to capture and document the wedding of Justin Simpson and Julie Mallery. I had to hold back tears sometimes as I watched their celebration behind my lens. They are perfect for each other and it was wonderful getting to know these two.


Baby Collage

Hi all! This is the newborn of one of my wonderful clients. I am now offering collages of baby's parts and pieces. Please e-mail me for more details!


Sneak Peek...

This is an image of a bridal shoot I did for one of my best friends Christy. I have known Christy for a few years now, seen her go through relationship ups and downs, and am so happy to know she has found someone to spend her life with. I get to see her walk down the asile on February 28th...so stay tuned for her bridal portraits coming soon!

Julie's Bridal

I had to hold off sharing these for a while, but I can now because this beautiful bride got married this past Saturday. Her and her groom, Justin, were an absolute joy to work with. Julie was so much fun on this shoot. She was so playful and willing to get in the wheat field, walk on the train tracks, and lay on the ground. Stay tuned for images from their wedding coming soon!


Baby Blake

I got to hang out with this little guy this afternoon. He is the precious son of Alice and Kevin, who won a session with me at an auction I donated to a while back. I am so thrilled that I was able to document baby Blake at 6 weeks old while I am in town. Congratulations Alice and Kevin! Enjoy your peek...gallery to follow.


Remember them?

Well, I am still alive! I am still living in Missouri as my husband finishes up with his training in Fort Leonard Wood, but I had the opportunity to come home this weekend to photograph 3 babies, attend one of my best friends bridal showers, and photograph a wedding. Then I am flying to St. Louis early Sunday morning. Whew! The next couple of days are going to be a whirlwind. Anyways, onto my wonderful clients Nicole and Drew. I met them just a couple of months ago to do some maternity pictures. I have the privilege of documenting their baby's first year. Baby Baylor came into this world a couple of weeks ago and I got to meet him today. He is absolutely perfect. Nicole and Drew are such naturals. Nicole looked absolutely stunning and I got some pretty cool shots of her for their eyes only. (Nicole, I will send you one through e-mail. :) Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek...gallery to follow!


Contest Results!

Thank you for all who participated in my little contest! It was so fun receiving all of your votes and comments! I love what I do and thoroughly enjoy getting to know your little ones, capturing their beautiful little faces, frowns and all! Well, little baby Brady wins 1st prize, an 11x14. The second prize winner goes to the "curly haired little boy!" 2nd prize wins an 8x10. Thanks again for participating and I will do another contest mid-year. Feel free to contact me for available dates in 2009. See you soon!